Fixed carpet washing service

Fixed carpet washing service

$1.00 +itbms

El servicio está orientado a satisfacer las necesidades en lavado profundo de alfombras fijas (pegadas al piso) en lugares como: locales comerciales, oficinas, salones de eventos, clínicas, entre otros.


El proceso de lavado se realiza bajo estándares rigurosos de limpieza internacional.



· Through high pressure spraying, the carpet cleaner can be sprayed on the bottom of the carpet, to effectively dissolve dirt and difficult stains.
· Powered by a high power motor. The brush rotates at the speed of 600 rpm. By washing the carpet, the washing machine can open the fiber blocks and clean the dirt from the carpet gently and completely.
· The specially arranged roll brush can synchronously separate the hair from the carpet with slapping, making the carpet more elastic after cleaning.
· This carpet cleaning machine has three operation buttons, easy to operate.
· Aspiration, washing and suction three in one function, can meet your different demands.

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